Starting a company is hard. Figuring out how to set up and configure E-mails for your organisation shouldn’t make your life any harder. In this tutorial, I’ll explain how I walked through solving two issues we recently had at Moni — redirecting E-mails sent to old staff to new staff and creating a support E-mail group that allows members of the support team and certain people outside this team receive support E-mails at their company E-mail addresses.

Setting up an E-mail alias in your custom Gmail account

E-mail aliases in G-mail allow you to create an E-mail address that will forward any E-mails sent to that address to a user’s…

In front of La Cabane du Pecheurs / Photograph by Victoria Osumah

Nothing on this trip went as planned and that was a good thing!

What struck me the most about my time in Benin Republic is how similar yet how different they are to us (Nigerians). It was quite an eye opening experience and this is certainly a country I’ll be returning to soon.


If you’re here for the quick breakdown of costs, let’s get into it:

We got a Coaster Bus that took 7 of us at the rate of N400,000 for 4 days . This price was inclusive of border protocols and it was the best rate we got…

This article was originally published on the Aeeiee Blog.

January 2021 Update: This article was originally written in 2020. It’s now 2021 and thankfully, many more companies are learning to cope better with COVID. Let’s hope that this year brings in an effective Vaccine and things go back to some sort of normalcy.

2020 has been a year! There has been enough significant events in this year to take up at least 5 years. With the COVID-19 global pandemic hitting businesses this year, it has been a difficult time for many businesses. …

Let’s build a chat application with Pusher’s API

Why Pusher?

Pusher provides a number of affordable, easy to use APIs to add Realtime functionality to Web applications. From Realtime communication that allows users send instant messages to each other to Realtime location that allows users know the exact location of their packages anywhere in the world, Pusher makes it easy for businesses to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the power of Pusher to scale their application.

Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ll be building.

If you somehow missed the first part, you can read it here!

Morning Yoga at the Nike Arts Gallery Guest House, Photo: Adebola Adeniran

After Dinner, I was tired and exhausted but Rupesh, Vivienne and Judith were determined that none of us would go to sleep early that night and we were all going to play games and eat the cake from Seyi’s birthday. And so we did! — Always have people on your trip that have insane energy. It lifts everyone else. Our friends at Beniemania were kind enough to provide us with games for this trip. We played Game Culture’s in twenty five seconds. I always have a good laugh…

It has taken me a while to get to this article but here goes!

Schweppes need to sign up my people // Photo by @adejosh_

Everything you need to know about the first Day of my Trip to Osun State. Day 1 covers exploring Ife.

The Gallivanter traventures(click to follow on ig) planned my most recent trip and this time, we were off to Osun — the home of Odùduwà.

I decided to go on this trip because at N35k it was the cheapest Osun trip I had seen anywhere on Instagram and more importantly because it was planned by my friend — Victoria! …

This article was first published on the Aeeiee Blog.

WordPress as a Headless CMS with React

React, the frontend framework created at Facebook in 2013, with over 165k GitHub stars is now one of the most loved Frontend frameworks used by JavaScript developers. React is a powerful framework that allows developers to create re-usable code blocks called components, use the Virtual DOM to update DOM elements — making web apps more performant and has a huge collection of libraries to make the lives of developers easier.

WordPress on the other hand was created 10years before the first version of React was released and this powerful, feature-rich framework…

I recently built a project that required integrating with Paypal to collect payments from users. After spending hours trying to implement Paypal payments using the Paypal JavaScript SDK, I realized that this was going to be an uphill task. Thankfully, I found an NPM package that already abstracted the SDK into React components for us to use. In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to collect payments using Paypal in your React application.

Getting started — setup your Paypal account

First steps first. Head over to PayPal to create an account. Once done, head to the PayPal developer screen.

Getting your credentials

Next step is to grab your credentials…

If you missed Part 2 of this story, you can read it here and You’re welcome to also read the First Part!

Day 2

After an eventful First day where we almost ended up sleeping on the streets because our hosts were asleep by the time we got back, Sunday was another opportunity to explore IB! On our list for the day were Cocoa House, Mapo Hall and Agodi Gardens.

I was up around 6:00am, came down at around 7:30am. I met Victoria already awake and chilling in the Sitting room. I sat with her and we talked about random things; Life…

If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

The trip from Moniya station into Bodija took around 25mins. Thankfully, Seyi has a family house in Ìbàdàn and had offered to lodge us for the weekend.

When we got to the Estate, the security men wouldn’t let us in. Seyi tried to explain that it was his house and that he was the son of the owner but the security weren’t having it. They insisted we called the person inside to call them. Eventually, the security called one of Seyi’s uncles. Here’s how that went;

Security: Good afternoon sir…

Adebola Adeniran

Full-stack Engineer. Rails/Node.js/React. I love plantain chips! Reach me at

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