How to deploy your Node.js apps to AWS Elastic Beanstalk(without EB Cli)

AWS Elastic beanstalk

Create an Elastic Beanstalk Application and environment

  1. Click Services > Elastic Beanstalk > Create application
  2. Enter an Application name
  3. For the platform, Select Node.js and leave the other fields as the default.
  4. Click next and wait for the environment to be done setting up. This may take up to 2minutes.

Create a Code pipeline to automatically deploy changes

  1. Your node app should be setup and already running perfectly on localhost. My app holds a list of blogs and is an app I’m building following the fullstack course at I’m using MongoDB Atlas for my database.
    Another thing to remember is that for your ports, you need to have them set up as
    const PORT = process.env.PORT || 3001
    This ensures that whatever port is being used by the server AWS gives us, is picked up by our App.
  2. In your AWS console, click on Services(see the menu) > Code pipeline. We will be hooking up our GitHub to AWS so that each time we push updates, our App is automatically deployed to AWS.
  3. Click Create Pipeline. Fill in the pipeline name. The role name gets filled out automatically. Then select new service role as your service role. Click next.
  4. Select GitHub as source provider. Click connect to GitHub to hook up your GitHub account to AWS. Select the repo your code is in and the branch. Skip the build stage and confirm.
  5. Enter your application name that you created in the Elastic Beanstalk console and select the environment name(automatically generated from your app name) from the list.
AWS Code pipelines deploy stage

BONUS: Setting environment variables

  1. Head to Environment > Select your application > Click Configuration
  2. Beside software, click edit.
  3. Scroll down to Environment properties.




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Adebola Adeniran

Growth at Moni(YC W22) |

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