How to explore Ìbàdàn, Nigeria in one weekend: Part 2

Victoria’s reaction to trying out Starfruit for the first time

Àmàlà Skye

Benie on the streets of Ibadan
Getting our Amala dished out
Benie on the Amala

The Zoo at the University of Ibadan(UI)

Benie shooting her Jordi Koalitic inspired videos in front of UI’s gate with Victoria as muse
Ajoke the Giraffe
Have you seen cooler kids than these?
Victoriaaaaa by Seyi
Benie jumping into billionssss
Coconut head children sitting on the Fence in UI
Cashew in Ibadan
Trying out cashews for the first time

Bower’s Tower

Walking up the Mountain to Bower’s Tower
Seyi taking the best pictures
Seyi at the top of Bower’s Tower
Benie from the top of Bower’s Tower

Stone Cafe





Growth at Moni(YC W22) |

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Adebola Adeniran

Adebola Adeniran

Growth at Moni(YC W22) |

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