How to see Osun in one Weekend — Day 1

Schweppes need to sign up my people // Photo by @adejosh_


Here’s a quick summary of all the places we saw if you want that.

Leaving Lagos — Friday, April 16th

The trip was planned for Friday, April 16th — Sunday April 18th. Seyi and I met up and headed to Maryland Mall (our pickup point) together on Friday, April 16th. It was also Seyi’s birthday and Victoria had also been kind of enough to get him a cake.

Birthday boy at WorkStation, Maryland
Trying to point at the sun and capture my TGT bracelet
Live life to the fullest. A sign on our way to Ibadan

Leaving Ìbàdàn to Ifè

The roads from Lagos to Ìbàdàn were actually pretty good. It looked to me like the road constructions on the Lagos-Ìbàdàn expressway have progressed a lot from what I remember. Those roads have been undergoing repairs since my childhood.

Dodo Ikire bought at Ikire Town, Osun state

OAU, Ifè

Our first stop was to see the Museum at the University in ife — OAU. After driving through the gates, the security guards stopped us and insisted that one person would need to go ahead to the Museum to get a pass for our bus to be allowed in.

At the entrance to Obafemi Awolowo University
Group photo at the OAU Museum, Ife. Photo @adejosh_
Debs x Peugeout 505 inside OAU

Moremi Statue of Liberty, ile-ife

Next stop was the Moremi Statue of Liberty. This was about a 30min drive from the University grounds.

Oyin & Moremi

The National Museum

After leaving Moremi’s statue of liberty, we headed to the National museum. It was right beside the Palace of the Ooni of Ìfẹ and was a 5min drive or less from the location of the Moremi statue. This was a special experience for me. Our tour guide gave very detailed explanations of the works that were on display especially about the Ooni, Odùduwà, Moremi and the first and only female Ooni — Queen Luwoo — A Queen who would never step on bare floor. Everywhere she went had to have special tiles laid for her to walk on.

Debs and Seyi

The Palace of the Ooni of Ìfẹ

At the end of our tour of the National museum, We headed to the Palace of the Ooni. The Palace is right beside the National Museum.

Judith with the statue of Oba Lufon within the Courtyards of the Palace
The gates to the main residence of the Ooni
Group picture with our guide in front of the Ooni’s residence, Photo: @adejosh_
A building inside the Courtyard of the Palace

Nike Art Gallery Guest House

At the end of our tour of the Palace, It was starting to get dark and we still had a 1hr+ drive back to Osogbo where our accomodation was. Opa Oranmiyan was the final sight we were supposed to see but getting there and getting back to the Hotel would have been a lot for one day and so we decided to head to our accomodation in Osogbo.

@itz.nikehh in front of the Nike Arts Gallery Guest House gate. Photo: @adejosh_
Seyi risking his life for a photo
The sitting room at the Nike Art Gallery Guest House.
The lounge area at the Nike Arts Gallery Guest House


Watch Judith’s YouTube Video of our trip.



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