How to seed your rails database with faker for testing

Database schema
gem 'faker'
bundle install
require 'faker'
# generate 20 users
(1..20).each do |id|
id: id, # each user is assigned an id from 1-20
password: "password", # issue each user the same password
password_confirmation: "password",
role: %w[customer admin agent].sample # a user can have only one of these roles
role: %w[customer admin agent].sample
# create 10 tickets in DB
(1..10).each do |id|
id: id,
user_id: rand(1..20), # we have userIds between 1 and 20. Assign a ticket to a user randomly
status: %w[opened in_progress completed].sample,
request: Faker::Lorem.paragraphs # generate a fake paragraph
user_id: rand(1..20)
# create comments in DB. Comments belong to tickets
(1..10).each do |id|
id: id,
user_id: rand(1..20),
comment: Faker::Lorem.sentence(word_count: 3),
user_name: User.find(rand(1..20)).name,
ticket_id: rand(1..10),
user_role: %w[customer admin agent].sample
rails db:seed




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Adebola Adeniran

Adebola Adeniran

Growth at Moni(YC W22) |

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