How to set up group E-mails with your custom Gmail account.

Setting up an E-mail alias in your custom Gmail account

E-mail aliases in G-mail allow you to create an E-mail address that will forward any E-mails sent to that address to a user’s E-mail address in your user list at no extra cost.

Use cases for an E-mail alias

At Moni, there are 2 major use cases where we’ve used E-mail aliases.

How to set up an e-mail alias in your custom G-mail account

Setting up Groups in your custom Gmail account

G-mail groups allow you to send and receive E-mails as a group. This means that if someone is trying to communicate with a team within the organization, rather than trying to figure out all the members of that team and typing out their E-mails in the to field, you can simply reach everyone by E-mailing the group.

How to set up groups

To set up group E-mails in G-mail, from your Google admin console dashboard, on the sidebar, navigate to Directory > Groups.



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