The Ultimate guide to making the most of the Love no get eye experience.

Adebola Adeniran
4 min readMay 1, 2020


Love no get eye — the ultimate guide

Today makes it exactly a month since my very first Love no get eye #lovenogeteye experience. Since that time, I have made several connections thanks to the platform, deepened my connection with someone I met(dating?🙄) on the platform whom I find incredibly fascinating and even become a moderator — helping people find love, friendships and all other kinds of relationships in between. I have even become a sort of evangelist for the entire platform, taking the gospel of emotional connections being greater than physical connections everywhere.

As you should already know by now, the LNGE experience is based off the popular Netflix show, Love is blind, a social experiment where people are asked to form emotional connections and see how that may/may not translate into a full blown romantic relationship.

And if you don’t already know, LNGE is a platform that connects Nigerians across the world looking to find love and make connections with each other.

You sign up and once verified, we put you in a telegram group that bests matches your interests while signing up. We ask you to hide your number and to use a picture of whatever gender you choose to identify as(if any). We ask everyone on the group to send voice notes introducing themselves — age, location and hobbies.

Afterwards, We start discussing a wide range of topics on the group from favorite foods to love languages to even favorite sex positions. From responses of others on the group, you may decide you want to know someone a little more and request to be “podded” with them — a pod is essentially a group chat with you and the person you have requested to pod with and an admin(who doesn’t spy on your conversations). While here you can exchange whatever information you wish to.

My LNGE experience

I came in looking to have fun and to make connections — didn’t have to progress into a relationship of any sorts. My season(s7) was lively, the banter was great, there was a great mix of Nigerians living in different cities around the world and I ended up requesting to pod with 2 people.

I’ve remained good friends with both people I connected with with one of those connections deepening everyday — imagine having long, deep, vulnerable conversations with someone every single day for a month and might become something more significant at some point. let’s call the person I connected with deeply — Ara.

Although there weren’t a lot of direct interactions between myself and Ara on the group, I found that we had a number of things in common from the responses to questions we were having on the group. I liked how open-minded Ara was and I thought this is a connection I would love to explore further.

Thankfully, Ara accepted my pod request, our connection was instant(not to sound corny) and communication was easy. We’ve racked up over 120hours of talk-time since we podded.

The key to cracking the LNGE experience

As someone who has seen the experience from both sides, you can take my word to the bank!

  1. Be active — very ACTIVE in the group. Engage in the conversations. Be vulnerable (remember nobody knows who you are, well, except the admins). Speak your truth/be authentic — the people that want to be in your life should be able to accept you for your truths. If you aren’t great at virtual group conversations, chit-chat or small talk, you may struggle here.
  2. Pod fast and early Start hitting on/flirting with people early. Request to be in a pod early as well so that your time is best spent finding people in your tribe.
  3. Delay exchanging social media handles or pictures Depending on the flow of the conversation in your pod, I’d advise that you delay exchanging social media handles and spending time building more of an emotional connection. I’d even suggest delaying exchanging handles till the 48hr time frame is up.
  4. Rest sometimes it can feel overwhelming. It may seem like there are so many conversations happening and you can’t keep track — and that’s okay. Being active as mentioned in Point 1, doesn’t mean that you should be a part of every single conversation. Just make sure to be a part of enough conversations for other quaranbaes to notice you and be interested in you.
  5. Take it easy — Don’t take anything said or anyone too seriously. Have fun. Remember that everyone is going through a tough time with lock downs, social distancing etc so do not feel entitled to responses or people’s time. Feel at ease. Our job is to create safe environment for people to make connections and your job is to have fun with this experiment.

6. Flirt a lot flirt a lot and don’t feel ashamed for doing it.

Here’s to finding a quaranbae that becomes a long-term bae or even just making lifetime connections and friendships. 🥂

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Adebola Adeniran

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