Why I made the switch to Kuda Bank

Adebola Adeniran
3 min readSep 5, 2020

Disclaimer — This post isn’t sponsored by Kuda bank or any of their affiliates.

I recently made the switch to Kudabank — the bank of the free (I really love that tagline) for my daily transactions and I dare say, they haven’t let me down. Yet.

After frustrating experiences with Diamond/Access bank where sometimes the app isn’t working or my card isn’t paying or transfers fail, I decided to try out the new kid on the block and so far it has been an experience wey dey sweet bodi — not when I’m doing transfers sha only when I get alerts :).


Give me a bank with zero charges and I’ll definitely take up that offer. Kuda bank charges me nothing/0/zilch for transfers or withdrawals. I think of the billions that First generation banks make from transfer charges each day and it makes me want to own my own Bank.

They also do not charge you when you make a deposit to your account using any existing debit cards.

They offer 25 free transfers every month — which for me is more than enough because Who am I sending money to? I’m looking for people to send me money plix dears.

So how do they make money?

I don’t know!


I got an email that my Kuda debit card was sent out on Jan 9th and I received it on January 16th — give or take a week. A little caveat — they recently deactivated existing cards and are sending out new cards so this time frame may be longer or shorter — I’m still waiting on my new card.


Deposits — if you receive international transfers into a payoneer account, they let you withdraw your funds into your Kuda wallet — I haven’t tried this yet. $$$$!!

They also let you deposit cash into your account from Zenith or Gtb bank branches — I guess you can’t throw away the big guns.

Budget — You can use the app to budget your spending — I think every one is doing this one now and they’ll show you what your spending is as a percentage of your budget. They’ll also show you a breakdown of your spending.

UI/UX — Love the branding and overall experience with the App. Seamless!

Getting started

To get started, my advice will be to download the Kuda app from your app store and sign up. It’s quite straightforward.

and oh, you can use my referral code too when you sign up. 5S8JYJRM. Kuda will give me small change from you signing up.

Where should Kuda go from here

A virtual card? A domiciliary account? These are some of the features I hope to see from Kuda in the next few months.


I love Kuda because of the ease of getting started and setup, Zero transfer charges, 100% uptime — my card payments/transfers have never failed. I’ve also never had issues accessing the app — okay maybe once so I’ll give them a 99% then.

One last thing, I love getting emails from Oreoluwa Fakorede from Kuda. They’re always well written.



Adebola Adeniran

Chief of Staff at Moni (YC W22) | Developer Advocate Building on Tezos