How to explore Ìbàdàn, Nigeria in one weekend: Part 3

Day 2

After an eventful First day where we almost ended up sleeping on the streets because our hosts were asleep by the time we got back, Sunday was another opportunity to explore IB! On our list for the day were Cocoa House, Mapo Hall and Agodi Gardens.


Arriving Ultima in search of Ewa Aganyin
Maltina Pineapple
Benie on a Motorbike

Cocoa House

We got another Bolt cab and headed to Cocoa House. Oh and by the way, unlike Lagos, Bolt rides are ridiculously cheap in Ibadan.

Seyi at Cocoa House

Mapo Hall

Seyi was adamant about taking a bike/Okada to Mapo Hall — I wasn’t especially after asking 3 Okada riders and none of them knew where it was. We eventually found one man that started saying — in yoruba: “Mapo(pronouncing it correctly) Hall. I know Mapo Hall now. Is it not around (mentions the name of a place we obviously don’t know)”. I’m skeptical of the entire conversation and insist that we take a Bolt ride instead.

Mapo Hall from the Outside
Victoria at Mapo Hall
Mapo Hall giving me Cathedral Vibes
Benie shooting videos of us from the top before we all decided to go inside
Inside Mapo Hall
Victoria inside Mapo Hall

Agodi Gardens

The trip from Mapo Hall to Agodi Gardens took around 15mins.

Entering Agodi Gardens
Cone ice-creams at Agodi Gardens
Benie Horse riding

Getting a Bus back to Lagos

At the Bus Park, Seyi goes on something of a Souvenir hunt. We just noticed he’d disappear and re-appear holding biscuits or some random snack. We also bought some dodo-ikire. In my mind, I felt like how bad could these taste, it’s literally plantain. But I have to be honest, as a plantain fanatic, this wasn’t something I enjoyed. I’m hoping I’d enjoy the one in Osun state more. The drivers tell us the 7-seater Buses are N2,500 per person to Lagos but if we decide to go in a 5-seater Car, it’s N3,500.



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